Monday, August 27, 2012

John's third podcast with Robert Crumb up now!

Here is a link to John's Old Time Podcast with the third installation of his sessions with Robert Crumb..great music and funny shit here! I will be in numbers four and five too!
 But for now..Podcast with R. Crumb

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Videos of bands from Ukulele Hooley plus bus ride!

Here are a ton of videos from my visit to Dublin to play at the Ukulele Hooley Uke Fest..including the crazy bus ride around town with a double decker full of uke players! After this it's back to posting all NYC stuff as I really am out of the loop now and gotta catch up! Had a terrific summer..better than I could have imagined and I feel motivated to have a great fall and winter too now that I am all clear headed and inspired by all the things I saw and did for those two months..
Videos include Ukuele Red and Lil Mamie..Ukulele Uff and Lonesome Dave..Remco..Hot Potato Syncopators and a porch jam at the hotel and the uke bus!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I am back in NYC now! feels like I never left already sort of..except I keep trying to speak mangled French to people who just stare at me in horror..I will be back to normal by the weekend..not much jetlag really just not used to being around so many crazy people like this..

Trying to get all my photos online and in order so here are some from the ireland uke fest.,,i will upload videos form that fest too..the bands were awesome! Then it's back to scenes form the city and all the jazz..ALL. THAT. JAAAAAAAAAAZ...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Leaving France this week..I NOW HAZ A SAD!

So we leave here end of this week and go play in Dublin and head back to NYC on the 20th  I believe..had the best summer ever. What can I say? We played small fun shows with Crumb..made new friends here..are talking about buying a place to live here four months out of the year..hitting up Corsica possibly next summer and maybe meeting the Crumbs in India in February for two or three weeks..I can go on and on..I do miss NYC a bit and can't wait to see all my friends who have been so sweet in emailing and texting me to come home ASAP as they miss and love me..makes up for the ridiculous sort of drama that was going on when I left and even since I have been here..I feel back to myself again and ready to have a great rest of summer and year. So many projects in the works and shit to look forward to..least of which is our new album which will be done end of fall hopefully!

AnyFrance, here are just some pics of haunted Sauve at night! Dying to see some ghosts around here but all the UFO's seem to be in NYC!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Must catch up here..

I've been happy to have wi-fi here and will be online up until the 16th i think..then I go play in Dublin for three days then come home to NYC..not much to say right now except still having a great time..have four visitors right now two of which are under 6 years old..swimming every day at the beach or some waterfall nearby..having a party on Sunday in our yard with the Crumbs for some of their friends from the Paris museum of modern art where Crumb had a show a few months ago..have a gig the 14th..more podcasts coming up and our recording is about done here. So all is well and I don't have a complaint to complain about! Here are some pics and videos of one show we played here and stuff and stuff and stuff...Aline's birthday party..Sauve..

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

John's Old Time Show with R Crumb!

So here is a link which you should check out to hear two new podcasts with Robert Crumb on John's Old Time Radio Show..There are pics and videos too along with Robert playing some of his amazing 78 collection! There is a third one being edited now that will be up next week!
John's podacst with Crumb
It is Aline Crumbs Birthday today and we are throwing her a huge surprise party in our backyard with all kinds of weird gifts and food and music and merry that it's August coming home to NYC feels a lot closer..before I was counting weeks til I get back now it's just days..I will take tons more pics though here and in Dublin!