Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I am back in NYC now! feels like I never left already sort of..except I keep trying to speak mangled French to people who just stare at me in horror..I will be back to normal by the weekend..not much jetlag really just not used to being around so many crazy people like this..

Trying to get all my photos online and in order so here are some from the ireland uke fest.,,i will upload videos form that fest too..the bands were awesome! Then it's back to scenes form the city and all the jazz..ALL. THAT. JAAAAAAAAAAZ...

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  1. Clearly, in the top photo, John is showing us his jazz hands! Hand; he's showing us his jazz HAND...In the second from bottom photo you're really rocking out! It's like your getting ready to play the uke behind your back and then set it on fire and shit!