Wednesday, August 1, 2012

John's Old Time Show with R Crumb!

So here is a link which you should check out to hear two new podcasts with Robert Crumb on John's Old Time Radio Show..There are pics and videos too along with Robert playing some of his amazing 78 collection! There is a third one being edited now that will be up next week!
John's podacst with Crumb
It is Aline Crumbs Birthday today and we are throwing her a huge surprise party in our backyard with all kinds of weird gifts and food and music and merry that it's August coming home to NYC feels a lot closer..before I was counting weeks til I get back now it's just days..I will take tons more pics though here and in Dublin!

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  1. Yep! I've listened to not only many of the other shows, but both parts of the one with Mr.Crumb. They are well worth the listen/looksy (hey, that's a word)!!! It has been raining here, so these came at a good time!! I also caught John playing a vagabond Stella on Youtube; I used to have one that looked exactly like his, although mine didn't play as well (I turned it into strictly a slide then gave it to a friend who collects parlor guitars).

    Anyway, Jingles enjoyed the shows, as well. He can be so sweet then turn on a time, for some reason; he's such a crotchety old coot sometimes! If he wasn't so adorable I'd get somebody else to empty his drool buckets...oh, well, we all get old I guess. For example, I had him reminiscing about his own musical career in Vaudeville, Burlesque, and his years in the Poconos and the Catskills with The Burltone Orchestra. He was singing along with some of the old tunes on John's show, and he even went over to the piano and did an impromptu stride ditty; it was so cool! Then, inexplicably, he went into a fog and began muttering something about how he had never been so disappointed and hurt as the day Tallulah Bankhead broke off their engagement and told him she was lesbian! After that, I couldn't even get him to eat his pickled garlic he loves so much!

    P.S.-Actually, I'm glad to hear you're not going to London! I'm sick of hearing about the Olympics already...such an anachronistic display of nationalistic pride that means absolutely nothing, not to mention all of the mini-controversies; I can't even listen to NPR without hearing about the whole thing ad nauseam!