Monday, August 13, 2012

Leaving France this week..I NOW HAZ A SAD!

So we leave here end of this week and go play in Dublin and head back to NYC on the 20th  I believe..had the best summer ever. What can I say? We played small fun shows with Crumb..made new friends here..are talking about buying a place to live here four months out of the year..hitting up Corsica possibly next summer and maybe meeting the Crumbs in India in February for two or three weeks..I can go on and on..I do miss NYC a bit and can't wait to see all my friends who have been so sweet in emailing and texting me to come home ASAP as they miss and love me..makes up for the ridiculous sort of drama that was going on when I left and even since I have been here..I feel back to myself again and ready to have a great rest of summer and year. So many projects in the works and shit to look forward to..least of which is our new album which will be done end of fall hopefully!

AnyFrance, here are just some pics of haunted Sauve at night! Dying to see some ghosts around here but all the UFO's seem to be in NYC!

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  1. The bad news: your summer in Sauve will soon be over (awkward alliteration unintentional...well, maybe only partly unintentional).
    The good news: you'll soon be on to some other adventure that I'll be able to live through vicariously!