Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Must catch up here..

I've been happy to have wi-fi here and will be online up until the 16th i think..then I go play in Dublin for three days then come home to NYC..not much to say right now except still having a great time..have four visitors right now two of which are under 6 years old..swimming every day at the beach or some waterfall nearby..having a party on Sunday in our yard with the Crumbs for some of their friends from the Paris museum of modern art where Crumb had a show a few months ago..have a gig the 14th..more podcasts coming up and our recording is about done here. So all is well and I don't have a complaint to complain about! Here are some pics and videos of one show we played here and stuff and stuff and stuff...Aline's birthday party..Sauve..


  1. 'Raise a Ruckus' is a particular favorite of mine! You've got quite the harmony going on that one! I so could sing a third part on that! ...And, of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention your exceptional and demonstrative agility whilst simultaneously playing the ukulele AND the kazoo!

  2. SOME FUN you be havin'......and juuuust in case you missed it missy.....Ms. Rivers is rolling along WONDERFULLY....Joan's been CHAINING herself to a Costco shopping cart to make her point....I'll let you look it up on your fave entertainment news site.
    Keep a smile......on the dial!