Saturday, August 25, 2012

Videos of bands from Ukulele Hooley plus bus ride!

Here are a ton of videos from my visit to Dublin to play at the Ukulele Hooley Uke Fest..including the crazy bus ride around town with a double decker full of uke players! After this it's back to posting all NYC stuff as I really am out of the loop now and gotta catch up! Had a terrific summer..better than I could have imagined and I feel motivated to have a great fall and winter too now that I am all clear headed and inspired by all the things I saw and did for those two months..
Videos include Ukuele Red and Lil Mamie..Ukulele Uff and Lonesome Dave..Remco..Hot Potato Syncopators and a porch jam at the hotel and the uke bus!


  1. These are great! ...Those Hot Potato Syncopators are divine! Where does the 'Too Tight Blues' come from? It's got a nice riff in it! I finally figured out why you were lifting the neck of your uke up...(I know, eventually, I do catch on, shall we say...)