Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Everything is crazy so I truly am back!

Well now I feel truly back in my city as all kinds of crazy shit has been going on with everyone I know pretty much..thankfully I am uninvolved with the madness except as a sympathizer of friends that are having a tough time..I got that flu bug for over a week after I got back and just recently made it out to the park and all that stuff since I feel a lot better now..took some pics and videos of random stuff the past few days for my first post about NYC in months now..
I saw Porchetta Hog is "closed temporarily" today..Hmm..business has been dead in there from what I have seen..wonder if they are done for good? This block is just not that great for businesses generally..Unless someone is into eating or drinking 100 feet away from dozens of cops who just hang out in front of the 9th precinct with every parking spot taken up by police cars...not to be an asshole but a donut/coffee shop is the only thing I can doing well there. An officer told me why they get free coffee and stuff from donut/coffee places...I never knew why so that was neat. It's for protection as the first DDonuts were in bad areas and they wanted the cops to alway be around there so they gave them free stuff as they were being held up all the time.

So lets see what I have here..Dave in the dog run with one of his t-shirts..my friends dog posing all sexy with matching purse..the African-Brazilian dance people that have been in Tompkins lately drumming and dancing..They are from the Capoeira Angola Center and have classes you can take there..and last but not least some crazy car doing stunts with more crazy cars behind it on 2nd ave the other night by Houston..only caught a second if it dammit!

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