Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kill the Band and their new album!

This post is about a "mock" rock band who I have been going to see play live around town at clubs and at comedy/music shows I go to and at times play at...A fun, crazy, silly band and hilarious when they play live..which I recommend you do soon! They have just put on an album which is available for download on ITunes, Amazon and can be heard on Pandora (featured on the Comedy Music Station) and Spotify. For more info about Kill the Band you can visit their site at

Their next gigs are playing as the house band at Alter Ego Vaudeville Surreal THIS Sunday(tomorrow)  at Fontanas at 8pm and Sidewalk Cafe on Avenue A and east 6th st on Oct. 6th.

Founded in 2009 by front-stunt woman, Killer Killy Dwyer in the underground scene of the Lower East Side of NYC, KILL THE BAND started as a mock band for a performance art piece created for a run in the NYC Frigid Festival. Killy carefully chose talented, like-minded, experimental musicians to fill out her concept comedy band. She brought in artists she could trust creatively and personally with arranging the songs she had been doing as a solo musician for the last year or so and they became KILL THE BAND. As the theater piece, music and relationship between the band developed, so did the band OUTSIDE the world of the theater. KILL THE BAND progressed quickly to playing clubs and festivals yet they kept all the theatrics of the mock band they had so lovingly created in the original festival show. KILL THE BAND is continues to be a NYC based shock-mock-rock and comedy band. Combining satire and slapstick, theatrics, costumes, and music from almost every genre, KTB is accessible avant garde and punk cabaret comedy performance art with soul. KTB played the mainstage 3 times at Figment (The world's largest interactive arts festival) won the Audience Choice Award for their 2010 Frigid Festival show, is the house band for NYC's #1 monthly alternative variety show "Alter Ego - Vaudeville Surreal", Headlined the Happiest Medium NY Anniversary Show, and plays consistently throughout the NYC area at venues like Fontanas, Pianos, Galapagos, The Delancey, National Underground, Bowery Electric. Killy recently was named "Top 10 Women Who Rock Comedy" by and received the award for "Most Magical Moment in the Fest" at the NY Funny Songs Festival.
KILL THE BAND IS: MIKE MILAZZO - Guitar, Mandolin, backups 
JOE YOGA - Bass, Uke, backups
 BLAIR FROWNER - Sax, organ, tambo
 NICK FOX - Human Drum Machine
Reviews: St. Mark's Theater rocked with laughter" New York Press "The spirit is one that celebrates uniqueness and captures the best parts of the New York fringe music and art scene" Broadway World "A tiny blonde powerhouse…had the audience in full-body laughter!" Village Voice "Killy Dwyer (does) an incredible job of balancing smart with funny with catchy" The Happiest Medium "The spirit is one that celebrates uniqueness and captures the best parts of the New York fringe music and art scene" Broadway World "Fun times for all. It has the essence of punk cabaret performance art and it's easy to get into. It's packed with quirky songs and lots of laughs from out of nowhere." "Leading the whole is Killer Killy Dwyer, comedian, performance artist, and all around rock star. If you could tap into a fraction of her energy you could powerVegas for a week." "A fun fringe show with sharp satire and a healthy dose of goofiness." "They're [Kill The Band] like Zappa on acid." Frank Wood "Kill the Band has something that few acts I’ve seen in today’s music or comedy scene possesses: A classic, almost vaudevillian quality which lets you know that after the lights have gone down and the laughs died to chuckles, you’ve seen something special—no kidding.” (The Examiner)
They have tons o' videos online and here are a few samples!
More videos can be found here too!

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