Sunday, September 30, 2012

Labradoodly doos!

I have no idea why i am thinking about Labradoodles..I think I am hyper because I had to get surgery on my gums which was fine and I am feeling better already..which is good good as John took this whole week off of work so we can finish our new album..take photos for it..cover will be a mix of funny pics and Crumb artwork and lettering..John works in TV so we borrowed a backdrop, professional lights..the works..thought about hiring someone but Crumb is very specific about what he wants..(shoot LOW emphasis on REAR AND LEGS!) so we are doing it ourselves. John knows what he is doing and I assume this cover will embarrass me to no end but there it is..It's two against one and I am liking this new album the best funny Crumb-esque pics it is!
AnyYOLO, here are some things I have saved on my desktop and i am damn busy so I don't know how old they are but well..Here they are!
Lots of band news and projects coming up that i will be sure to post about!

There is a new podcast with Crumb out now..I will link it this week but it's up on itunes already..John's Old Time Radio Show..but for now..TAPE for her pleasure! Bathroom graffiti, me as the "hurricane" rolled in a few weeks ago..A view of Governor's Island where we played the Jalopy Fest..some unicorn meat..and Steampunk halloween costumes are everywhere!

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  1. Wow! Isn't that the new genital magnifier?!?!?! Man, I have been looking and looking for one of those!