Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Local artist whose stuff I love!

These bedbug pillows and paintings of hybrid animals are some of the things that Al Benkin makes and sells and displays at Tribe gallery and other places around town. I went to a party/show at the Yippie Museum cafe which is still up and running thank the goddesses in this city that loves to push out the places I love..I thought her stuff was so great i took some pics of it and also bought a goat/snail painting I now have hanging on my wall next to my buddy Mangina's portrait of my crazy cat Delgado. Looks great together!
Her work and more info can be found HERE..http://albenkin.com/


  1. Bedbug pillows...the pillow you can never get rid of! (the pillows are pretty cool, btw).

  2. At once, wonderfully whimsical and unsettling! I love it! Of course, I was just getting ready to sleep...now I'm itching all over and imagining bites all over...