Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Occupy Wall Street turns one.

Went to the OWS anniversary at Zuccotti Park on the 17th..I missed the actions and marches in the morning where I heard over 100 people were arrested..then let out by the afternoon. The park was cleared at about 1am sort of..people were told to leave. Some did and some didn't but it slowly emptied out. It was a pretty big turn out though especially for a monday. Unlike the news would have people believe..people involved with OWS do have jobs and many were tired and had stayed up all night to join in the protests. Here are a mess of videos I took while walking around the park from about 3pm-1am..nothing too exciting..just a few glimpses of what the park was like. I regret missing the marches but there is footage of those and the arrests on the OWS twitter and on youtube as well!


  1. For some reason I keep reading your headline for this post as "Occupy Wall Street Turns Me On"

    Must be an optical illusion.

  2. Yeah, but if you read it backwards it says, "I am the walrus!"

  3. I keep getting, "I buried Paul."