Sunday, October 28, 2012

New podcast up with Robert Crumb!

At long last! The final and longest and weirdest podcast that John did with Crumb in France is now up at John's Old Time Radio Show or check out our website link below..this one features another special guest: ME ME ME ME!!! It is an hour and a half long and you will hear great music and ridiculous conversations between us all as we sit in Robert's room and discuss sex and all kinds of shtuff! Yeah! Shtuff!
Next one will feature Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops! A two parter!
Here is the link to the latest with Robert..his wife Aline will be at the Strand on November 16th and John will be interviewing her about Drawn Together her and Robert's latest release!

Old Time Radio Show

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mad Hatters Tea Party in Tompkins Square Park!

The annual(third?) Mad Hatters Tea Party was in Tompkins Square Park over the weekend..I only had my iPhone with me so the pics I took are craptacular but at least I got some! It was nice out so it was packed and they had the marching band and the table set up with tea and cookies and cakes made out of yarn this time..So here is a glimpse of the lame as it is with my phone videos and all!
Over the next week I plan to finish my bands new album..somehow drop 10lbs..get wasted for Halloween weekend and retake some pics for said album..DID I MENTION I AM DRINKING AGAIN AND HUNGOVER AS FUCK?!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gimme Gimme shuts its doors for good tomorrow.

Been super crazy busy and also crazy as well as busy along with being busy with craziness and crazy because I am busy and etc  etc and so on and so forth!
Lots of blogs coming soon..lots of stuff going on this week and that my self imposed exile from gum surgery is over..harrah and hurray!
East River String Band is playing at Gaslight-116 Mcdougal this monday at 11pm..lots of music history in that space..
But this post is for the official and forever and ever no going back closing of the record store I work at Gimme Gimme at 325 east 5th st...between 1st and 2nd ave..18 years in that spot and we close tomorrow for good. Store will reopen but in L.A...probably by next month.
Thanks to Croman Realty and their insane rent hike..another east village staple will be gone.
So come by tomorrow and you can buy stuff and also say bye for good..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Around my hood and The Strand Bookstore is confirmed!

Hello people that read blogs instead of looking at endless videos of cats playing keyboards! Recovering from gum surgery has left me sober and with a lot of time to wander around the neighborhood on painkillers taking photos of stuff! While walking home from the gym I was accosted by the mobile sukkot truck! Last time I was roped into going into one of those they yelled at me for not saying the prayers correctly and hit me with ferns so I ran away..hearing the faint cries of "Miss-Are you Jewish?" following me..HOW DO THEY ALWAYS KNOW?
Then on my block poor little Memo is missing..I am telling you people...a VERY large number of pets are going missing lately. ALIENS! Then I wandered by some chefs chopping up huge fish in the middle of the street..leaving the fishheads just hanging out for everyone to admire. No one was into the samples they tried to push on us.
Then TWO flyers..I have no idea if this is a joke but the lost cat is staring up at the lost bird..COME ON IS THIS REAL OR WHAT?! I want to make a Lost Wendigo flyer to put under the cat flyer. Or a flyer with Alf on it.
And finally, what was once Porchetta Hog which was always empty is now Ballaro Bakery which is also always empty though the bread is good. They are trying to drum up business with these small flyers I saw all over 2nd ave..I hope they last. Nice to see a little bread shop on east 5th..which is a very hard block to maintain a business on.
In News I Am Really Excited about..the Aline Crumb interview is officially confirmed for November 16th at the Strand Bookstore! John, as in John Heneghan from my band East River String Band will be interviewing Aline about her and Robert Crumb's new book coming out soon- Drawn Together, a compilation of the cartoons they have done together over the past decade or so. Lately, their stuff in the New Yorker has been tops! More info about that event coming soon!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Csquat Museum is open!

Today, Saturday October 5th was the opening of the Squatter Museum in the storefront of Csquat. Having lived there for about a decade I went over to check it out..Well, who am i kidding I am still over there a lot as many of my closest friends live there still! I only had my cell phone on me to take pics with..but hopefully they are decent enough. The place is clean, bright and filled with zines and framed photos of old squats, some of which are no longer around. They give a walking tour and you can sign up to volunteer if you want to take part in keeping the museum going..It takes of half of the basment as well where there is a screen set up showing videos of arrests, rallies and happenings..a mural and more info and framed photos..They really did a nice job on this space and I hope the project is a success!
That close up black and white pic is Csquat when we hauled out a ton of trash one day long ago..and my best friend Erin and I are the ones sitting down and laughing in it..

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fourth Podcast from Crumbs Record Room!

Here is a link to hear John's 4th podcast with the great Robert Crumb as we listen to 78's featuring the banjo this time! One more to go before we move on to another great guest..
Listen at our website link and now on itunes as well!