Saturday, October 6, 2012

Csquat Museum is open!

Today, Saturday October 5th was the opening of the Squatter Museum in the storefront of Csquat. Having lived there for about a decade I went over to check it out..Well, who am i kidding I am still over there a lot as many of my closest friends live there still! I only had my cell phone on me to take pics with..but hopefully they are decent enough. The place is clean, bright and filled with zines and framed photos of old squats, some of which are no longer around. They give a walking tour and you can sign up to volunteer if you want to take part in keeping the museum going..It takes of half of the basment as well where there is a screen set up showing videos of arrests, rallies and happenings..a mural and more info and framed photos..They really did a nice job on this space and I hope the project is a success!
That close up black and white pic is Csquat when we hauled out a ton of trash one day long ago..and my best friend Erin and I are the ones sitting down and laughing in it..