Friday, November 30, 2012

Aline Crumb at The Strand and Allison Eighteen!

I am so behind but mainly it's due to many doctor's appointments lately and now the damn flu! However I am heading out to brooklyn to play a gig in about an hour..The show must go on! THOUGH I MAY DIE.
Here are some pics and videos of Aline Crumb when she was here to promote her new book Drawn Together that her and Robert just put out.
The best is Cognac Wellington interviewing her..I am in love with that woman!

Here is the interview that my John did with her and also the Cognac interview..with a few pics thrown in.


  1. I have to admit, Cognac is not without her charms...the woman, not the alcohol. (That would be kind of creepy to personify alcohol by describing it in the same way one would a woman; it would at least denote a problem of some sort with alcohol.) Although, cognac, the alcohol, is also not without ITS charms too! Now I'm torn, confused, if you will...Bottoms up!

  2. Well, because of your (and John's) many interesting offerings, among many of my other lists of things to do, you guys give me an ongoing "things to do" list. John's interview with Aline was on that list of "things to listen to" (I know, my Post-it® bills are astronomical!)...Anyway, I just got around to listening to the interview with Aline. Thanks! I guess I should go somewhere else on these interwebs and thank John, too - yet another thing to put on my "things-to-do" list! Jeesh, it never stops!

  3. Well I hope Cognac will interview YOU before you DIE :+)

    Or are you dead already?'re maybe not alive to even read this.....gotta stop now.....freakin' myself out a bit....

    PLEASE don't die.....EVAH!