Friday, November 2, 2012

Scenes from Hurricane Sandy Part 1...

Well all I had was my crappy cell camera but the power in the east village and LES came on about an hour 5:30pm. Went out on Monday at around 8:30pm. Almost five full days with no electricity, heat, phone service, cell phone service, and for hot water or plumbing. I was lucky enough to have a gas stove, a french press and hot water all five days. Coffee was like liquid gold! I took some pics as I wandered around with my phone when I could charge it..
I went uptown twice to charge a laptop and my phone and get into a "power zone" which started at around 40th st.
Downtown..i saw many acts of kindness and good samaritanism. One man drove down from CT at 3am to donate his generator so people could charge their phones. Free pizza was given out. People with flashlights helped those without at bodegas so they could shop. Cops worked overtime to answer calls. Bars were open and welcoming. Today on Avenue A JetBlue donated water..and two hot food trucks were open giving out water and tacos and croissants. Csquat and their museum were using an energy bicycle to charge phones and a BBQ grill was set up out front cooking food and getting donations to give out and cook more food.

There were break ins and lootings in some areas but for the most part I saw a lot of pulling together where I was and good spirits too despite the situation. I will do three blogs with pics of the scenes I came across this past week.
We see that the Pee Phone was working during the blackout! That more people bought Obama cookies than Romney ones at Veselkas. A downed tree, one of many in the Campos projects..Church postponed..and Zoltar who was worried about made it through okay! A missing dog..and people feeding the squirrels and birds in a closed Tompkins Park.
More to come...

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  1. There's a spirit in NYC. Each neighborhood is generally like a little village, and people often band together to help each other. It's always been that way and will always be that way, 'cause that's the way New Yorkers roll (most of them, anyway). I believe, while gentrification undermines this spirit, it will never kill it...It is gratifying to hear the Pee Phone remained strong and helpful in all of this; Zoltar's stoic strength is to be admired, as well! Could the Romney cookies be a foreshadowing? It's difficult to say, but I'd bet his cookies are made with some sort of improperly regulated artificial sweetener...Man, sad about the dog; I hope he's found and found happy with cool stories about playfully chasing squirrels and finding cool food scraps in trash cans!