Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Live band for holiday sing-a-long at Sophie's Bar.

My friend Joey and I went to Sophie's Bar last night to see the live band playing christmas tunes for a while. They handed out lyric sheets even! It was getting crowded when we left and was a pretty fun crowd. One might even go so far as to say they were both "holly" AND "jolly!"
AnyStuff, here are a few pics and videos which came out way too dark yet are bursting with holiday cheer! Heading to CT for two days to eat junk food and watch Bad Santa 100 times with John's mom and sister. Too lazy to rotate the sheet music pic but you can see they have the Dreidel song!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I have been really busy and also drunk!

Fuck almighty I have not been on here for two weeks! And it's so warm out and it's 2am and I am home hungover as hell from last night's party at Csquat and shenanigans after. I have been busy though I have not blogged about it. REST ASSURED I HAVE BEEN OUT ALMOST EVERY DAMN NIGHT but ONLY after I work on my guitar lessons and do some writing! Maybe after some more editing I will begin to post some random excerpts on here. Though Shia Labouef may steal it AHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, ripping off a famous cartoonist like Daniel Clowes and thinking no one will notice? Is he out of his mind? Dan is also a nice guy and i have met him a bunch of times so Shia is just a real psycho.
AnyPunk, on one of the coldest days of the month Pete Missing of Missing Foundation fame had an outdoor on the ground art show on Avenue A and east 5th st. It was so so cold I managed to last maybe two hours before running for Rays to thaw out. Then a few nights ago at Morus Museum and Csquat Sturgeon of Leftover Crack fame played an acoustic set at artist Eric Drooker's slideshow..Drooker also busted out his banjo.
Then at Josie's bar I was given a few pieces of candy from the biggest damn box of candy I have ever seen in my life. I have also gained about 8 more lbs and this makes me VERY UPSET so my diet and work out regimen begins on the 26th when i get back from CT with John. Salad and sushi will rule my life...along with red wine and vodka too. All of those things are good for you!
2013 was a stupendously successful year for me and i think the next one will be even better. So many great things happened and are still happening now(like the dozen or so lp's sales i woke up to today!) that I cannot even list it all but man...2012 was all bad decisions and psychos controlling me and being sort of lazy...2013 was all about music, writing, love, wonderful friends and the most success my band has seen yet. I will just pretend that 2012 did not happen!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Review of our new album in Sing Out Magazine!

Argh! I haven't posted here in so long! I hate winter so in order to resist staying in too much I have been going out every night but I forget my damn camera at home all the time. Plus, it doesn't fit in my bloody cleaver bag so...fashion first!
Things are so so very good though! Except for still not finding a job, all is swell. Cd's and vinyl are sold out. Our distro said the pre-orders were overwhelming and now we are pressing more of almost everything. So amazing! I signed up for french classes at the Language Center in Chelsea...and John and I have some projects coming up...his book...getting our gig at the Brooklyn Folk Fest professionally filmed to try and sell to PBS...putting out the Old TIme Radio Show after we go to Europe in the summer...it will be our podcast but we will all talk about music while crumb plays his best 78's...we will get a crumb cover for it and put it out in the fall. If it sells the way Chimpin' the Blues is selling we will be thrilled. Jack White got a copy of Chimpin' and was ecstatic it existed.
Anyshmuck, here is a short little review of Take A Look at That Baby in the famous Sing Out Magazine! CLICK THIS!

Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello pals and gals! COLD ENOUGH FOR YA?? AHAHAHAHAsobsob!!!
To think we may have six more months of this weather is unbearable. It could not warm up again until April or May...half a year of this? NO NO NO! Winter has come early and man is it fucking cold out!
May try to take a short trip somewhere warm for a week or so if possible since money is good but smarter to save it for the summer tour I guess. Maybe January will be 70's every day though. Who the hell knows at this point.
Lots of stuff going on though still...been writing a lot and working on my book which means I post here less but I am still taking pics randomly and blogging.
Someone wrote "ET phone home" on every single payphone along 2nd avenue. And you can see Ray's is just covered in signs now...it's hard to see the menu now with all the colorful pics of food items. I BET EMPIRE BISCUIT AIN'T GOT SIGNS!
Then Juicy Lucy's got some love in the form of a letter...The Bean cafe has some blowjob graffiti going on in the bathroom once again..the clothes and outfits on the Tompkins sculpture are ever changing and fashionable...and I hope to buy those two creepy as hell dolls this week so don't buy them first!
Been having issues with writing about people in the Slumgoddess book...it's more like short stories at the moment really. Short stories and essays are good practice as writing an entire book is a daunting prospect. Do i change names of people I am writing about whom I don't like? Do I use real names of stores and crazy people who are still around? Most friends say yes. If what I am writing is true I can use real names. I like to make up funny fake ones but it can get confusing. Most don't care if I write about them...they are flattered as long as I don't make anything embarrassing public. Well, I will play it by ear as I go along i guess.
My bands albums and releases are doing amazingly well and I begin real French classes in January. Studying with Pimsleur tapes right now and some friends who know a bit of the language. Very hard but very fun. Guitar lessons are going good...I must admit it's way better than playing uke! This will be a productive great winter despite the sub-freezing temperatures already dammit!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pie Man's Birthday at Yippie Cafe

I popped into 9 Bleecker wednesday night for a few hours to say happy birthday to Aaron Kay the "pie man" who can usually be found at the Yippie Cafe in general these days. The iconic space may soon be closing as the for rent sign hanging by the door is pretty hard to miss. I have known Aaron since I was about 15 years old from rainbow gatherings and political events and such. He is now in a wheelchair but was in good spirits for his 64th year on this planet and his daughter Rachel was there hanging out. Here are a few somewhat crappy photos and a few videos of the event...

Monday, November 11, 2013


Okay, I have really been neglecting this here blog but I have been going out a lot and also working on all my stuffs! Writing the slumgoddess GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL and practicing with my new guitar which is amazing! Really trying to learn some hard stuff now not just chords and it's rough but fun like anything that is worth doing in life!
I will have some fun posts up here soon but for now it's all about promoting my new album. Cd has been out a week and sales have been great. Vinyl comes out officially tomorrow but John has the record up on ebay and it is going fast!
So for now here is the link to our ebay where the new album is up for sale along with some of the old stuff too. Be Kind to A Man vinyl sold out and we are getting more made up early next year!
Click HERE!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Can you believe how AMAZING these pics are? BECAUSE I CAN'T! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!
Okay, I'm calm now.
Anyway, here we see the weird sculpture thing that annoys the hell out of me for some reason in Tompkins wearing various outfits. I feel like every time I walk by that thing it has changed clothes so I am starting to take pics of it.
Then someone CLEVERLY hid their sleeping bag in that newspaper box. GENIUS!
And it was PICKLE DAY on Orchard street last week!
Some drag queens were in Tompkins for the Wigstock scene being shot for the movie Dead Boyfriend starring Heather Graham and Gina Gershon.
A video of the biggest pumpkin ever being blown up at Csquat..and my new shirt that was bought for me for $5 down Essex St.
Lots of exciting stuff going on with my band and other projects which I will post about soonish...off to the Sandy Anniversary BBQ at Csquat today where they will be serving food all day and night to everyone in the neighborhood just like they did during those 5 days of blackout.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

21 photos and one long ass video from the Annual Tompkins Square Dog Run Halloween Parade today!

Up in record time! Tons of adorably crazy pics from the Halloween Parade at Tompkins Dog Run today! And one long video of me wandering around in there hungover as hell. Time to head out again as apparently Halloween is a week long this year!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Cd's and Vinyl of Take a Look at That Baby are out this week and already on Ebay! (BUY BUY BUY)!!

I have been busy but a happy kinda busy because the four projects I have been working on with John are all going well and coming out soon! First is our new album Take a Look at that Baby! It officially will be everywhere on the 29th and is up on ebay right now where John and I are selling it and will open and sign it for ya and include a note and stickers too!
Here is the link for the vinyl on ebay. This will sell out first! Cd's are up too under suprovalco.
Then on October 29th Amazon will have it all for sale. MP3's, CDs and LPs.
Here is the Amazon link.

And here is the video we made in honor of the new stuff! Shot in the south of France with Robert Crumb. Hilarity ensued!
We have another Crumb affiliated album and CD coming out called Chimpin' the Blues at the end of November on our East River Records label plus working on a book proposal for Abrams Publishing House...more info about all that coming soon. This is a great fall and winter for me and I don't even mind the cold which is a first!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

HONK NYC Marching Bands!

Today several marching bands left from the Lower East Side Girl's Club and paraded around the LES making stops at Tompkins Square Park and then at Morus Museum at Csquat. Since those are two places I am at almost every day I caught them there and here are a few videos! Been loving this weather this week and our new album is getting crazy amounts of pre-orders online. I have had my many minions stickering up the hood with our old stickers from our first album as we are getting shipped about 500 of the new album stickers next week. Everywhere you walk you will soon find my giant ass staring at you! ARE YOU READY FOR THAT CAUSE I AM!
Videos are very dark as it was dark out but you can see some dancing and fun in the camera flashes.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Just some random stuff I had in my phone...I wish I had a real camera to get that willow tree better. All creepy with blackbirds perched on the branches. That sticker under it tells the truth. Your jeweler AIN'T shit!
Then my long lost Aunt nancy was in town last week. I haven't seen her since I was maybe 10 years old! That pup is Mr Sugar one of my sister Robyn's little dogs. She has about 4 of them now and a crazy bird that bites me whenever I come over.
And last but not least, that skinny as hell mannequin was thrown out on my block. Do you know how much willpower it took me to not bring that thing home with me??
I had death flu 2000 for over a week and I feel okay now which means I can start going out again. Yay! I guess I am ready for the fall. I did a lot and saw a lot this summer and have about 4 projects going on with John and the band so I need to buckle down and find work and just put some dough towards putting out the albums and books we have been working on.
Our new album comes out Oct 29th and I am so excited! I mailed about 100 copies off the various people and magazines for review and that also means we get a check from our distro coming in every few months or so if it sells well. DOLLAR BILL YA'LL!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

My new custom built small bodied Fraulini Guitar!

As a sort of surprise gift John had asked our friend Todd Cambio to build me a small bodied guitar cause my old Stella was bad ass but the action was just too high for me to play especially since I am a beginner pretty much. Todd builds copies of old guitars that look and sound better than the real thing! Crumb did his logo for him and most of our friends own a Fraulini of some sort...including members of the Carolina Chocolate Drops and even Crumb has an old mandolin Todd fixed up for him.
I got involved and told Todd to make my guitar as crazy as he wanted to..the crazier the better. And it is amazing! Inlay has a skull, heart, bottle of booze and the words "slum goddess" on the frets..it's got pink leopard, it's my size, it's just amazing! I get my hands on it next week and the real work begins for me!
Todd's site is http://fraulini.com/