Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ray's 80th Birthday Bash!

Last night was all kinds of shenanigans for Ray at his store on Avenue A. On his 80th birthday people gave him the gift of FOUR burlesque dancers! And a fancy cheesecake on top of that! Well, the cake was not on top of the dancers just next to them and enjoyed by all. I went there early at 9pm and Ray was tired and said he had had a busy day..but he perked up when the ladies made their entrance one at a time and showed him how much he is loved. I could not buy a cake this year for him or even chip in due to my current state of affairs but I am really glad others could and did. I never grow tired of the shade of bright red Rays face turns when the tassles begin to twirl.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Jerry Stahl and Lydia Lunch at St Marks Bookshop

I went to the St Marks Bookshop with my friend thursday night to hear Jerry Stahl, Lydia Lunch, Eric Bogosian and a few others read excerpts from The Heroin Chronicles a new book of essays about..well, heroin! It was a fun night and felt like old NYC to me..all freaks and old junkies and neighborhood characters were in attendance. Jerry was hilarious as the host(he edited the book), and turns out he is a big Crumb fan so we exchanged info and he gave me a free book. yay! I need to name drop more often I think. Here are some pics I snuck and here is a link to the new book on Amazon.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ballaro Bakery closing and other news..

Well, the good little bakery on east 5th that was the pork place for a few months is already going out of business..on January 21st to be exact. Buy stuff there while you can! And speaking of cans..Someone loves big ones..that flyer and the weird one below it are all up and down Avenue A this week..
In some fun news..Rays 80th(WHO KNOWS?!) birthday is coming up and there will be a big party as usual at Ray's Candy Store with FOUR strippers this time! Yes you read that right! They will be wiggling and dancing on the counter later on this month..

Friday, January 18, 2013

Portrait Robert Crumb drew of me for Art and Beauty Magazine

A few days ago I got a surprise in the mail which was amazing! My band mate John sent Crumb a photo of me to possibly draw at some point in the future as a Valentines day or birthday gift..Robert just drew it as soon as he got it and mailed it back for approval. It came out great! He is going to put in in the third edition of Art and Beauty, an oversized magazine/book of women he puts out like once every decade. I will be drawn a few more times, once with my mom possibly which is hilarious to me. She said she is "going to buy extra copies to put in the lobby of her building to show those bitches there she is famous." Har! Ahahaha! sob..! 'tis!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Out and About in the hood, yo!

Hello friends and stalkers! It's been "unseasonably warm" in NYC lately according to the weather guy on NY1 who I have a crush on..and I am on a crazy work-out kick so after two damn hours at the gym everyday I have been walking around everywhere..or galavanting I guess you could say. Yeah. I was GALAVANTING around my hood and took a few pics of some weird stuff..
First is Horse Lamp. I love Horse Lamp. I NEED Horse Lamp. And then while at the gym I saw this HIGHLY SEXUALIZED flyer for that guitar teacher everyone knows and loves(?)..LOOK how sexual this is. He used to be sitting in a chair nicely holding his guitar. Now he is AMPED and his guitar looks like a giant penis waiting to attack anyone who gets in its way! Will he be shirtless in the next flyer? Kick it up a notch, Dan!
Then I attended the new Anti-Slam at Pyramid friend the elf eared Reverend Jen hosts it and as you can was quite fun! I mean, Tommy the naked man was there! I love this mic..pure madness!
Next is some artwork that my friend Todd Cambio got for his new t-shirts. Todd runs Fraulini Guitars where he builds old style stellas from the 20s and they are amazing! Robert Crumb did the art for him and he fixed Robert's mandolin..and last but not least these larping flyers are all over the place. I saw one that had almost ever number ripped off. Whee!
Good stuff in the works for the end of January..John will be at the 92Y speaking about one of his favorite guitars as part of a new show called My Favorite Thing. Should be fun times!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Social Tees moving into Gimme Gimme Space.

So I walked by where I used to work today..325 east 5th st and Social Tees has begun moving into what was once Gimme Gimme Records. I am really happy that it's not going to be another starbucks or something like that..Robert told me they will be officially opened up very soon and they can use volunteers and donations and supplies and all that stuff. I wanted to adopt every animal that I saw in there today. YES I NEED 20 CATS PEOPLE!

He really saves a lot of lives by being a no kill shelter for our four legged friends so go by and lend a hand if you can. Some really wonderful animals in there in need of good homes.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Music Music Music!

Okay, New Years Eve was fun..avoided the annoying places and saw a show then wandered around half drunk til late. This year is all about being productive for me. Right now I have zero income but for some dough that comes in from our albums selling. It is not enough to live on but John and I have 4 projects coming out this year. Our new album Take a Look at that Baby is two songs away from being done and the artwork is almost done as well. Spending the summer in France was basically a test run to see if we liked it there enough to spend more time in Sauve, where the Crumbs live in their beautiful old castle. We loved the village..met a ton of people and made friends and performed several times and we were welcomed very warmly by all. Our shows were packed..entire town came out and the next few towns over too..a little medieval village can get a little dull for a social, city girl like me but to live there part of the time with all of Europe open to me for travel? HELL YEAH. Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK..big cities are  so close and i have yet to see many of them!
Finding work is hard for me..I leave town a lot and have a weird schedule..and i don't bartend or waitress. No one I know who does makes much money doing so anyway from what they tell me. My goals this year are to first of all find some up some money for French classes, learn guitar..not the dozen chords I already know, but REALLY learn it..get these projects out into the world, promote and book the band better and a lot more, eventually spend half of the year in Europe. We are being given a small apt there that is attached to the Crumbs house. It sits empty much of the time and they want us to have it so we can come there when we feel like it and hang out, record and play gigs. I am also slowly writing down some adventures I have had and may try to turn it into a book or something at some point if it goes well.
In the meantime, I am all about the music. Here are some youtube clips of some of the songs we are covering on our upcoming album. Enjoy and happy we didn't die yet year!