Sunday, January 13, 2013

Out and About in the hood, yo!

Hello friends and stalkers! It's been "unseasonably warm" in NYC lately according to the weather guy on NY1 who I have a crush on..and I am on a crazy work-out kick so after two damn hours at the gym everyday I have been walking around everywhere..or galavanting I guess you could say. Yeah. I was GALAVANTING around my hood and took a few pics of some weird stuff..
First is Horse Lamp. I love Horse Lamp. I NEED Horse Lamp. And then while at the gym I saw this HIGHLY SEXUALIZED flyer for that guitar teacher everyone knows and loves(?)..LOOK how sexual this is. He used to be sitting in a chair nicely holding his guitar. Now he is AMPED and his guitar looks like a giant penis waiting to attack anyone who gets in its way! Will he be shirtless in the next flyer? Kick it up a notch, Dan!
Then I attended the new Anti-Slam at Pyramid friend the elf eared Reverend Jen hosts it and as you can was quite fun! I mean, Tommy the naked man was there! I love this mic..pure madness!
Next is some artwork that my friend Todd Cambio got for his new t-shirts. Todd runs Fraulini Guitars where he builds old style stellas from the 20s and they are amazing! Robert Crumb did the art for him and he fixed Robert's mandolin..and last but not least these larping flyers are all over the place. I saw one that had almost ever number ripped off. Whee!
Good stuff in the works for the end of January..John will be at the 92Y speaking about one of his favorite guitars as part of a new show called My Favorite Thing. Should be fun times!

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  1. Simply FABULOUS Fraulini logo! ...Looks like "Dan" is enjoying his Tele just a tad too much! (oh, I almost forgot, thanks for addressing me by my preferred salutation: "stalker." I've never felt more endeared!)