Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ray's 80th Birthday Bash!

Last night was all kinds of shenanigans for Ray at his store on Avenue A. On his 80th birthday people gave him the gift of FOUR burlesque dancers! And a fancy cheesecake on top of that! Well, the cake was not on top of the dancers just next to them and enjoyed by all. I went there early at 9pm and Ray was tired and said he had had a busy day..but he perked up when the ladies made their entrance one at a time and showed him how much he is loved. I could not buy a cake this year for him or even chip in due to my current state of affairs but I am really glad others could and did. I never grow tired of the shade of bright red Rays face turns when the tassles begin to twirl.


  1. Nothing warms the heart like cheesecake AND CHEESECAKE! ...These ladies are very talented, and Ray seemed to have such a good time! ...I needed to see some good wholesome fun tonight, and the world seems somehow right knowing Ray is still there, doing his thing, people loving and supporting him...and may he have five burlesque dancers next year!!!

  2. Great videos and photos, Eden! Thanks for posting them, can't wait to come back for a visit this summer! HooRAY!