Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Gods Must Be Lazy!

Oy Vey! You call this a week? I am finally recovering from my last dental surgery and I am so happy happy happy! It's getting warmer too and as soon as I can sing we finish our album finally! It's my favorite one thus Keep on Truckin' Apparel wants to make T-shirts and hoodies of our Crumb album art! The upcoming one I am NOT letting them have as it's basically a photo of my giant butt and legs in seamed stocking with cartoons of the band members hootin' and hollerin' around me. I do NOT want that on a shirt though I love it!
Anywackadoodle, here are some things I saw this week...first is the DENTAL PROBE they used on my bone grafts. Whee! And then I broke a tooth on an unpopped kernel of popcorn..and there it is! My friend is making it into a necklace for me.
Then the bathroom at The Bean coffee shop had a pair of panties in it next to a weird piece of something and a bag of weird things. Then this awesome sad eyed dog painting I bought form my friend Holly of Waggytail Rescue at the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant. Now I have a dozen of the things! And look! TALL JAIME is now ALWAYS at the Check Cashing on east 5th st. now! And last is a cool mural that Pete Missing of Missing Foundation is doing on the wall of Csquat. I could not capture how amazing this thing goes all the way up the stairs and is still being worked on.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mr. Lower East Side Pageant!!

Here are a ton and a shitload and a lot of pics and videos from one of my favorite events of the year, The Mr. LES pageant! It was at Cake Shop this year and it was crammed full of drunks, freaks, screaming women and, of course the contestants! Johnny Bizarre won the crown after hammering a nail and sticking other things into his pee hole. Oh yes! There was a swimsuit competition and evening wear and a Q & A and well...what more can I say? There was also The Human Carpet who just lay there while we all stomped on him. Hosted by the elvin Rev jen and Faceboy!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Old Time Valentine's Day Show

On the 13th NYU had a bunch of my friends bands play some old music to celebrate Valentine's was free and included some amazing folks like Pat Conte, Joe Bellulovich, Blind By Paxton,  and The Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues. It was packed and I took a few videos of each act.
We finish up our own album this week before I go and get my last dental surgery done and after that I will be all healed up and it will soon be spring and I CAN GET WASTED EVERY DAY HELL YEAH!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mental Hygiene and Shirtless Guy in Snowstorm!

Went wandering around the hood today in the snowstorm before it got too bad. Well, it's only 7pm so I don't know what this will turn into yet. It was very windy and snowing hard and not too many were walking around. I saw three near car wrecks, one being a cop car that skid across 2nd Ave. I noticed several places that are now shut down by the Board of Health. I love when it says due to MENTAL HYGIENE. I picture people buying smoothies and then GOING FREAKING CRAZY!
Smoothie place on St Marks is closed for now..Mitali Indian Restaurant is closed temporarily..and sadly I did not realize that Nino's is now gone for good with a For Rent sign up already. BOO.

Well here are some pics of Tompkins..and that Xmas tree is STILL up dammit! If aliens came down now and saw that we would be the laughing stock of the galaxy! Some dogs were enjoying the snow in the dog run..some kids were having a snowball fight and last but not least my new shirtless friend by Ray's! I gave him a buck and though he only spoke Spanish we had a great chat about the weather and the state of the economy as he hung out there WITH NO SHIRT ON. I am in love.