Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Gods Must Be Lazy!

Oy Vey! You call this a week? I am finally recovering from my last dental surgery and I am so happy happy happy! It's getting warmer too and as soon as I can sing we finish our album finally! It's my favorite one thus Keep on Truckin' Apparel wants to make T-shirts and hoodies of our Crumb album art! The upcoming one I am NOT letting them have as it's basically a photo of my giant butt and legs in seamed stocking with cartoons of the band members hootin' and hollerin' around me. I do NOT want that on a shirt though I love it!
Anywackadoodle, here are some things I saw this week...first is the DENTAL PROBE they used on my bone grafts. Whee! And then I broke a tooth on an unpopped kernel of popcorn..and there it is! My friend is making it into a necklace for me.
Then the bathroom at The Bean coffee shop had a pair of panties in it next to a weird piece of something and a bag of weird things. Then this awesome sad eyed dog painting I bought form my friend Holly of Waggytail Rescue at the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant. Now I have a dozen of the things! And look! TALL JAIME is now ALWAYS at the Check Cashing on east 5th st. now! And last is a cool mural that Pete Missing of Missing Foundation is doing on the wall of Csquat. I could not capture how amazing this thing goes all the way up the stairs and is still being worked on.

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