Friday, March 8, 2013


I never saw myself as the jogging/running sort but since I gained 20lbs lately I figured I would try to leave the wimpy elliptical at the gym behind and try the treadmill. I LOVE THAT THING! Started out sloooow...and now i can run full speed for about 15 mins, speed walk for five then do another 15 until an hour flies by. Now when I go to France this July I can jog there and not gain the weight..and it will be fun jogging in that beautiful village.
Going to Paris to hit the flea markets and see the catacombs with Gilbert Shelton of the Fabulous Furry Freak brothers fame and his wife..then on to the Crumbs to see our possible new apt there and to record for the next album though this new one is not out yet. It should be by mid-spring. With t-shirts and hoodies too!
Been writing a lot and it's such a huge undertaking that I think the best thing to do is short essays of the funniest/craziest shit I have seen and done will be best. If I get a bunch of them done they can turn into chapters of a book maybe. I love to write and I sure have a lot of stories to knowing publishers and friends that work in the field almost guarantees it has a very good chance of at least getting read byt someone and critiqued at least!
Been a crazy week and I will have a lot to post soon!

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