Thursday, March 28, 2013

Buffalo Gals Go Round the Outside

I locked myself indoors for a bunch of days in a row so I could practice and finally finish the last 3 tracks of our album. Now it needs to be mastered and i have one uke part to learn and IT SHALL BE DONE! So excited! So now that I am caught up with that and it's warmer out I have been wandering around more. I want 90 degrees and I want it NOW.
First we have the Jeckyl and Hyde tour bus..full of fake corpses riding around the hood..sort of creepy.
Then some extremely rare sunrise pics I took when I got called for some background extra work for Jim Gaffigans new show and The Good Wife. I stayed up all night cause I had to be in brooklyn by 7am. Sort of torture but being an extra is my favorite job. Not because i may be seen on some show for three seconds but because I am in the damn union and i pay union dues and I need to work! Best paying job I have. So glad to be getting calls again lately..
Then a few pics of discarded items that could be just what you need to make your house a real home!

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  1. Nice to see you have survived perils of winter......and YIKES, heading over "to the Continent" this summer......lucky BUT resourceFULL you.....enjoy!enjoy!enjoy!

    And speaking of which, here are some acquaintences from old New Orleans that I think you and the Boys and the Crumb Crew would enjoy

    Tuba Skinny also has their own YTChannel....keep on chooglin'.