Monday, March 18, 2013


HI STRANGERS! I got the flu from hell for over a week and so did John so our recording got pushed back a few weeks..But pretty much back on track now and it will be a spring release for sure! Took the last two weeks and wrote over 50 pages for this book I am trying to get together. Man, sometimes it's embarrassing seeing some of the bad choices I made but really the crazier the better for this project.
I guess it is officially spring soon but it is damn cold out still..Here we see the east 6th st sign falling over in the wind..
Then a funny still of me as an extras in some Freddy Highmore film overacting being a bored 18 year old art student. A post office cubicle that has our band sticker on it and an Occupy sign..hee! My favorite pup Cookie enjoying some rare sunshine in the dog run..and SAND IN YOUR VAGINA!
This week will consist of looking for work, finishing recording and since I feel better A LOT OF WINE! After a crazy Friday night I realize it now takes me two days to recover from a blackout. I HATE GETTING OLD! Some news coming soon...!

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