Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hello and salutations! What a fucking fun weekend this was! So much going on plus the GREAT weather made it amazing! Head out to meet a friend or two and end up meeting a dozen others and running amok!
Despite a wine hangover today I hit Tompkins where I was overwhelmed by the chaos. David Peel was there with his crew singing about yuppies and most of all marijuana since the annual Pot Parade is next weekend! This year it is going to be huge. I am friends with the three comedian hosts..John Murdock, Joey Gay and Jon Savoy. All funny as hell! And besides the headlining act being members of friend Killy's band will be performing as well! Check them out here at KILL THE BAND.  So I expect I will know about half of the 600 hundred people that are going to attend this and I will be taking videos along with John who is coming along to watch the madness. I BET IT WILL SMELL LIKE WEED THERE. Amirite? Amirite?
The top pic is some trophy a crackhead was trying to sell on Avenue C last night..he ended up just leaving it when he had no takers. Then there is THAT DAMN BOOK which seems to have been sent to all of NYC as it has appeared inside mailboxes all over town. I meant to grab a copy to read but kept giving them away telling people it was my MANIFESTO.
Then an awesome mural in the hallway of Csquat that my friend did..David Peel doing his thing today in Tompkins, and a mermaid doing some promo stuff for the parade at Coney in June.
Bottom pic is a new sign up at what was Ballaro Bakery for a few months before they closed on east 5th st. That spot seems to have no luck but maybe this will stick.
Looking forward to a warm week of shows, mics, guitar lessons and getting some of my writing critiqued before I go on to edit. Really getting the hang of it now and trying to find my voice to get this book happening.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some videos I took at the 2013 brooklyn folk festival at The Bellhouse last weekend.

I shot these standing in front of the stage at the brooklyn folk fest last weekend..amazing bands played for three days straight! It was packed every one of the days and nights. Sold out all three shows at the Bellhouse! Pretty amazing! John shot some footage form the back using a tripod and a good camera..but these are not half bad considering I was sort of dancing and trying to hold my arm straight!
Check suprovalco on YouTube for more videos!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

NUTS in the park!

I don't care if it's cold today SPRING HAS SPRUNG DAMMIT! The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming and girls look super slutty causing ten car pileups on Avenue A. Someone did say I had some nice "junk in the trunk" so that is a plus.
Here are some pics from that 70 degree day in Tompkins last week..some guy was FREESTYLE RAPPING or some shit and had a crowd watching him..and can you spot the squirrels in these pics? They cling on to the frailest of branches so high up in the trees it scares me. A gust of wind seems like it can knock them off..but i guess it's the hawks they really have to worry about in there.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brooklyn Folk fest this weekend!

Hiya Pals and Gals! The Brooklyn Folk Festival is this weekend at the Bellhouse and so many good bands are playing! I plan to go to at least one if not two nights of these all day/night shows. Probably take a lot of video to put up here too. I will put the link up but first we see that someone forgot their tape as they went around taping up flyers. What happened? Did the cops come? Did they just say, "Fuck this shit!" and run down the block? WE MAY NEVER KNOW.
And a sign on St Marks in case you are looking for work. I want an ARIST PIERCERING so bad!
And the little shrine at Juicy Lucy's on Ave A and east 6th st. I love that little shop.
 Here is the info for the festivities coming up!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summertime..and the living is greasy.

HELLO PLANET EARTH! It was super nice out this week..well for a few days at least and I went out about the town prancing and galavanting and what have you. My oldest friend Spyce, whom I hitchhiked with long ago when she was 16 and I was 18 was in town for a day..I went to see her do a sex storytelling show at Three of Cups..that is a pic of us on top there.
Then that sassy furry thing was on St Marks handing out flyers all week. There is my pal Dave holding up his fake ID in the dog run. Looks just like him! Some bathroom graffiti at a of the many anti-bullying murals on east 4th st by the schoolyard..and the first tanning session of the year! Two of my gal pals and I in Tompkins glowing whiter than white!
Brooklyn folk fest is coming up next weekend and this weekend there should be some interesting stuff going on. Been writing a bit lately..I realize my whole book can pretty much be about all my experiences with crazy people if I wanted it to be. After a very informative drunk night at a bar..running into an ex of a ex friend..and hearing the outrageous things she said to him..I realize her story alone could fill three books.. and man is it ever crazy and fascinating...but I need some humor in this thing. Not just sad, mentally ill people that are unhappy and manifest it in crazy ways. I am trying for a mix of comedy, self deprecation, stories about train hopping and squatting and some of the amazing people I have known along with some of the kooks. Hard work but I am enjoying it. Another old friend of mine got her short film into a few festivals..hoping she makes it to NYC!
I love when it gets warm and I can walk around and run into dozens of people I know and just do any crazy thing all night and end up anywhere. It is rainy and cold now but I am excited for spring and for travel in the summer!
Feels great to be working on different things and taking up guitar again too. I hit up Mocca over the weekend and got a few things..nice to see some of the more famous comic authors there and some of the new ones too. Mocca is now part of Society of Illustrators who love us and always welcome us to come and play there so I will see and blog about some of the exhibits they have there now. Very happy about this!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I am blogging at 2am. FTW!

Here are some cat photos because I just love me some cats cat CATS! If you don't feed them they don't pee or poop thus making them the purrfect pet! Saw that book at the library and you can tell from the next pic that Delgado would eat me without even giving it a second thought.
Then this sign in the elevator or my building..HAR! And the Brooklyn Folk Fest is coming up soon soon soon where I will get to hear all my friends amazing old time bands play for days and days.
And a nice pic of Delgado and I because you know I would never eat him. Right? Right? Right?
One more uke song and our album is done! We decided to add some uke to one song and i got it down already so by next week the liner notes will be getting worked on finally. Then we put it all together with the Crumb art and send it off to be made! Then it will be out on RedEye Distro in mid-spring.
Doing a lot of extra work lately..suddenly I am in demand..Law and Order was the weirdest set ever.
I am excited to do some skits with John soon and we will be bringing our video camera to France where we hope to make a music video for one of our songs and do a Behind the Music type skit with Crumb about our band with how horrible a diva I am as the premise. Have to think up more ideas but I have some good ones so far..should be fun! I will need a lot of fake blood! I think we may be leaving more of our stuff there too..slowly sort of leaving more and more of our stuff in France..