Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brooklyn Folk fest this weekend!

Hiya Pals and Gals! The Brooklyn Folk Festival is this weekend at the Bellhouse and so many good bands are playing! I plan to go to at least one if not two nights of these all day/night shows. Probably take a lot of video to put up here too. I will put the link up but first we see that someone forgot their tape as they went around taping up flyers. What happened? Did the cops come? Did they just say, "Fuck this shit!" and run down the block? WE MAY NEVER KNOW.
And a sign on St Marks in case you are looking for work. I want an ARIST PIERCERING so bad!
And the little shrine at Juicy Lucy's on Ave A and east 6th st. I love that little shop.
 Here is the info for the festivities coming up!

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  1. We have our Adams Ave. Roots Festival coming up in a week, I'm as stoked as you - vids would be cool to see, thanks!