Thursday, April 4, 2013

I am blogging at 2am. FTW!

Here are some cat photos because I just love me some cats cat CATS! If you don't feed them they don't pee or poop thus making them the purrfect pet! Saw that book at the library and you can tell from the next pic that Delgado would eat me without even giving it a second thought.
Then this sign in the elevator or my building..HAR! And the Brooklyn Folk Fest is coming up soon soon soon where I will get to hear all my friends amazing old time bands play for days and days.
And a nice pic of Delgado and I because you know I would never eat him. Right? Right? Right?
One more uke song and our album is done! We decided to add some uke to one song and i got it down already so by next week the liner notes will be getting worked on finally. Then we put it all together with the Crumb art and send it off to be made! Then it will be out on RedEye Distro in mid-spring.
Doing a lot of extra work lately..suddenly I am in demand..Law and Order was the weirdest set ever.
I am excited to do some skits with John soon and we will be bringing our video camera to France where we hope to make a music video for one of our songs and do a Behind the Music type skit with Crumb about our band with how horrible a diva I am as the premise. Have to think up more ideas but I have some good ones so far..should be fun! I will need a lot of fake blood! I think we may be leaving more of our stuff there too..slowly sort of leaving more and more of our stuff in France..

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