Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summertime..and the living is greasy.

HELLO PLANET EARTH! It was super nice out this week..well for a few days at least and I went out about the town prancing and galavanting and what have you. My oldest friend Spyce, whom I hitchhiked with long ago when she was 16 and I was 18 was in town for a day..I went to see her do a sex storytelling show at Three of Cups..that is a pic of us on top there.
Then that sassy furry thing was on St Marks handing out flyers all week. There is my pal Dave holding up his fake ID in the dog run. Looks just like him! Some bathroom graffiti at a of the many anti-bullying murals on east 4th st by the schoolyard..and the first tanning session of the year! Two of my gal pals and I in Tompkins glowing whiter than white!
Brooklyn folk fest is coming up next weekend and this weekend there should be some interesting stuff going on. Been writing a bit lately..I realize my whole book can pretty much be about all my experiences with crazy people if I wanted it to be. After a very informative drunk night at a bar..running into an ex of a ex friend..and hearing the outrageous things she said to him..I realize her story alone could fill three books.. and man is it ever crazy and fascinating...but I need some humor in this thing. Not just sad, mentally ill people that are unhappy and manifest it in crazy ways. I am trying for a mix of comedy, self deprecation, stories about train hopping and squatting and some of the amazing people I have known along with some of the kooks. Hard work but I am enjoying it. Another old friend of mine got her short film into a few festivals..hoping she makes it to NYC!
I love when it gets warm and I can walk around and run into dozens of people I know and just do any crazy thing all night and end up anywhere. It is rainy and cold now but I am excited for spring and for travel in the summer!
Feels great to be working on different things and taking up guitar again too. I hit up Mocca over the weekend and got a few things..nice to see some of the more famous comic authors there and some of the new ones too. Mocca is now part of Society of Illustrators who love us and always welcome us to come and play there so I will see and blog about some of the exhibits they have there now. Very happy about this!

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