Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I just flew in from somewhere and boy are my ears tired!

Here are some photographs I took which I now posted on my blog. Does anyone say photographs anymore? I guess not cause "pics" rhymes with dicks and dick pics has a nice ring to it. Hey, someone just sent me a dick photograph just doesn't cut it.
So first we have Johnny Bizarro on the grass proudly holding up a magazine that calls him the Most Perverted Man in NYC!
Then some bathroom graffiti..or toilet graffiti I guess. Then this giant DNA testing RV was parked on Avenue A and St Marks. When I peeked in I just saw some kids sitting in there. WHAT THE WHAT!
Then one of the many kittens up for adoption at Socials Tees on east 5th st..Jim the Mosaic Man doing his thing on St Marks during the Dance Parade..Another pic from the parade...stilts!
A shot of some novelty items at the City Hall gift shop where John and I went to get our marriage license. June 12th is the big day!
And last but not least the pee phone! Look how mistreated it is...sniff.

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  1. WHA?!?!?! They're making children out of DNA on that bus?!?!?! I thought cloning was just for goats and three-headed cows!!!