Monday, May 13, 2013


Here are some spring time themed pics..none are of cats but I do like cats. My own is at a clinic because he is RADIOACTIVE as he got a shot for his hyperthyroidism this week. So glad this is done with..and right before my birthday too which is the 14th. Overwhelmed with offers of sushi and drinks I will be out every night this week I think. My friends are awesome..and they want a reason to drink!
AS DO I. Been practicing a lot to rerecord stuff for our some advice from an experienced friend before he went back on tour about a few things we can perfect. Which is good..we want it to be the best it can possibly be and he said it's our best yet..very excited!
First we see this sign at a waxing/threading place..NO DOULBE DIP. Then Jamie Otis with one of the comedians at the Waggytail Rescue benefit at Sidewalk Cafe the other night..She was on the show The Bachelor I believe. And a shot of my friend ventriloquist Carla Rhodes whom I love love love! She ended up adopting a dog that night.
Then Dave and Joanie in the dog run at Tompkins..despite the cool nights still summer is coming! And Ray has a new sign up! Rumors abound about his lease but he was busy and in a good mood when I was there so I did not ask him what the deal was with it all. I leave town in about 7 weeks now and am VERY VERY EXCITED! Nothing more fun than traveling and i will be doing that all summer and blogging about it all when I can. Paris is first! A sort of honeymoon after my City Hall marriage..


  1. HOLD on there Bubba boy!.......WHAT marriage?.....WHAT honeymoon?
    I obviously missed SOMEthing here.....including Post headline :
    "SLUM GODDESS FINDS HER VIBRATOR" the case may be.....

    I'm sooooo confused (chorus of friends in background "What ELSE is new?).

    (PS : ENJOY being EXCITED....looks good on'ya!)

  2. I forgot to wear pants that nite! xo CR & CS

  3. What are "pants?"
    Yes, john and I are tying the knot at city hall and then going to Paris and then to Sauve again to record more!