Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Breeze..makes me feel fine..la la la la la!

Quick post before I head out into the beautiful day/night to begin my BIRTHDAY WEEK OF MADNESS! It's not until the 14th but I take my cat in for a radioiodine shot Sunday which means I can't go out Saturday and yadda yadda..He will be fine though and I have Friday and all week to be taken out for drinks and shenanigans!
Here we see Cooper Art School protesting the tuition they will soon be charging..and someone was already well into Happy Hour when they put that sandwich sign out.
Then we have a sunny day I spent in Tompkins on the grass where a guy had chinchillas!
Some furniture out on Avenue A over the weekend..and the latest sign from the ex Ballaro bakery on east 5th st..They are going to respect the hood and NEVER BE A BAR! I do like the owners of this place and wish them well.

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