Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Short post about ReOccupy Wall Street.

Here are a few pics I took at Liberty Park on Saturday afternoon. I went down there for a few hours then came back uptown to make the Howl Fest and other fun stuff. Too many things going on at the same time and Facebook is the only thing helping me remember what is happening and when at this point! Doctor's appointments, paperwork for my damn marriage on the 12th! REALLY finishing up our new album which Dom Flemons is now co-producing for us which is FUCKING AWESOME. So many exciting things coming up and I leave town for the summer in less than five weeks.
So here is me with my joke shirt on down there..hardy har I AM SO FUNNY RIGHT?
Then some protestors, a shot of the crowd which thinned out considerably after what I hear was a march of about 1,000 people..and SEQUESTER the boardgame!
I have some pics and videos from Howl I will post tomorrow. I am in a haze from non-stop running around and all kinds of craziness but I did manage to remember to take some footage of stuff!

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  1. Cool to see some photos, I have a poem in the Wall Street Poetry Anthology in The People's Library out of NYC...thanks for sharing, and congrats on your nuptials!