Friday, June 28, 2013

Some wedding pics from City Hall two weeks ago

So John and I got married on June12th at City will be in France in a few weeks so it was just a small, family thing with a few close friends. Here are some photos and even a video of the ceremony!
Saying my goodbye's this week as I will be gone for all of July and half of August starting next week. Shooting a music video with Crumb in France, recording and doing some podcasts out there. Then back to NYC for a week. then Vermont to play at my best friends wedding and then straight to Rhode Island for a week at a beach resort place with John's family in from Sweden.
I CANNOT WAIT! This summer has been fun but the weather really is not raining in Sauve every other day and it's in the 80's with amazing waterfalls and beaches.
Here is the video of the vows...


  1. Congratulations, really, it couldn't happen to a nicer couple, but now that DOMA has been struck down your marriage is unconstitutional and you'll have to go back down to city hall and get gay married!! ...To NIK WALLENDA!!!!! (It wouldn't be so bad; it's just all of those "thank you, Jesus" interruptions during the cake cutting ceremony!!! Jeesh!)

  2. From a random reader...Congratulations!

  3. We did it for tax purposes and health insurance so if Wallenda could stop thanking Jesus and get some skinny jeans I will marry him as well.