Friday, June 21, 2013


Holy crap I have so many pics and videos I need to upload on here from my iphone and my camera it's just overwhelming me so I will just do bunches at once. It is just too damn nice out to be on a computer for long and I have been going non-stop since the middle of the week. Getting ready for a gig and making lists of what to pack for France for July...John is at the Grand Canyon filming that guy who is going to try and walk across it on Sunday. Apparently there are 40 mph winds there so....hide your childrens eyes quick if he falls cause there is no harness or net.
First we see someone defaced a mailbox with a nice note. Would have been funny if they caught them and threw them in jail. IT WON'T GET BETTER IN JAIL NOW WILL IT?
Then Dave with a shirt..then ME with one of our new band tanks tops! YIPPEE! Then the whipping guy whipping stuff in the park. Sort of surprised the cops don't bother him but then again that pic is over a week old now.
Then the tree got smashed outside of Three of Cups last night. CAN YOU STAND THIS MUCH EXCITEMENT FOLKS?
A bouquet was left on a cop car last night too..and TEAM WEINER has been out and about all day!
Heading back to Tompkins now to see some brass bands. Will try to post more often before it becomes all South of France posts!

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  1. I've seen that Canyon thing advertised on the tv machine. Hope John doesn't surprise you and does the walk himself! :)