Sunday, June 2, 2013

This you call a blog?

AHHHH! It has hit SUMMER TIME and I am at my happiest! I sleep very little and run around all day and night raising a ruckus! I have some footage on my fancy new camera i need to upload from the Howl Festival...took most of it today. Hit the Occupy rally...saw some old friends from long ago...just a fun crazy week and weekend and I need to catch up on here soon!
First the banner for Howl from a few days ago..the the Rent is Too Damn High guy has been cruising around in that damn car every night blasting music. He seems to be able to afford a lot!
Then Dave at the dog run doing his thing...a sign on the Jucy Lucy's wall..did i mention I love this organic juice place? They have a bench out front and I can people watch and run into tons of people sitting there.And finally our last gig in NYC for a while as I leave town in a month. Jalopy guitar night with some amazing folks!

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