Thursday, July 25, 2013

Slum Goddess hangs out with singer/writer of Slum Goddess! SLUMCEPTION!

Got an invite to Ken Weaver and his wife Maxine's house a few night ago so I just had to get some pics! I named this blog after his song as he was in The Fugs back in the day...had a great time!
Been busy finishing up our projects this week. We split monday so it's been practice for gig nights, podcast nights, and we are about done shooting a short little funny video with Crumb to one of the songs off our new album coming out in the fall. So sad to be going back...I sort of miss NYC but damn this month went by quick!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Podcasts with R Crumb and assorted LE PICS

Well, it's amazing how much there is to do here in this tiny village. A 7 piece band came through the other day to play with Crumb and busk. Last night a new fancy restaurant opened we checked there is a fete with music and food stands and vendors. I am taking a zumba class at 6pm that a friend of Sophie's is teaching. Tomorrow the Crumbs are having a party in their garden...monday beach and swimming in Laroque and tuesday we go to dinner at Ken Weaver from the Fugs house to hang with him and his wife. Going by so so fast but doing a hell of a lot of fun stuff!
Here are some videos and a few pics of doing the podcast and other random stuff..

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some pics of the Fairy Cave Grottes Demoiselles!

I have been doing so much stuff and taking so many pics and videos it's overwhelming to post them on here. I have an album on ye olde Facebook but I will post a bunch of cool pics here from the a visit to the Grottes Demoiselles cave today where fairy were seen dancing by some drunk people a long time ago or something. It was touristy but an amazing old cave!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Bastille Day party at the Crumbs in France

Here are some pics and then a mess of videos from Bastille Day here in the south of freedom fries France. Crumbs had a dinner party and we watched some crazy fireworks from their balcony after. I think the bridge they set them off from caught on fire and some grass under it. THEY DO WHAT THEY WANT HERE!
There was a truly terrible cover band in the village square and I went to dance around for ABBA for a minute. Was hysterical...but at least it was real live music being played with a smoke machine and strobe lights and all. So weird to see in this little medieval village. Ken Weaver from the Fugs was at the party with his wife Maxine and Julie and Roger who live here and work in the Crumb gallery and do amazing art. Sophie and the kids showed up and were dancing around like maniacs to John and Robert playing. Kids are cute-especially when they are not mine! 
Anyfrommage, here are videos of various stuff of interest:

Friday, July 12, 2013

78's and chasing waterfalls in Sauve.

Pretty much settled in now in the village of Sauve for the next two weeks. Hit the waterfalls and also the beach and tomorrow is a big fireworks display for Bastille Day here so the Crumbs are having a party as we watch them from their balcony. Ken Weaver from the Fugs is coming and other folks I haven't seen yet that i met here last year. This week will be all about practicing and doing some podcasts with Robert and seeing Sophie and her kids. I love the loft I have been sleeping's like a cave and a black cat comes in and sleeps next to my head during the night. Been having vivid dreams and i can hear these freaking crazy ducks fighting all night outside the window.
The only downside about being here is that I have missed the televise event of the year SHARKNADO! Is it sad that I want to come back and watch it then leave again? WELL IS IT?
Here are some waterfall pics and a video...and a video I shot of John and Crumb listening to 78's in Robert's studio. Weather is awesome and I am pretty tan now which I love...though i hope I did not overdo it at the topless beach today. My boobs have not seen the sun since last year but i could not resist being able to tan topless with no pervs taking pics on their cells. There was a "No binoculars" sign though! I think my troll Abernathy lost his innocence today.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quick post with Paris pics and videos!

oops! I uploaded two doubles by mistake..I have to switch the computer back to English because it's all in French now. LE BLOG!
Here are some pics from the Paris catacombs, the Ponts De Arts bridge of locks, and my troll Abernathy at Jim Morrison's grave in Pere-Lachaise cemetery. Just three days in Paris but I saw a lot. The house pic is the apartment I am staying at in Sauve where we just got to last night.
Here are three videos from my adventures so far...looks romantic on the lock bridge but it was touristy...just something to do when you get married an are in Paris. I liked all the locks though. Then I had sex with ten Frenchmen! Wee Wee!

I will be on more now that I have a laptop set up and wi-fi...lots of waterfalls to swim in and music to be made. Awesome trip so far and I just left five days ago!
My troll is seeing the world...sniff...Did I mention I have to feed a 50lb cat here?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Off to France for the month!

Leaving leaving leaving today! Paris first then Sauve like every summer. I will try to get online as much as I can there and post stuff. Which will be pretty much the exact same stuff as last year when I went there! Bringing sneakers and running gear this time to see if I can lose weight while I am away instead of gaining it as i do.
For my last blog from the States I only really want to post this link to a Funny or Die video that spoofs on the show The Wire as a musical. if only this were real...fucking hilarious.