Friday, July 12, 2013

78's and chasing waterfalls in Sauve.

Pretty much settled in now in the village of Sauve for the next two weeks. Hit the waterfalls and also the beach and tomorrow is a big fireworks display for Bastille Day here so the Crumbs are having a party as we watch them from their balcony. Ken Weaver from the Fugs is coming and other folks I haven't seen yet that i met here last year. This week will be all about practicing and doing some podcasts with Robert and seeing Sophie and her kids. I love the loft I have been sleeping's like a cave and a black cat comes in and sleeps next to my head during the night. Been having vivid dreams and i can hear these freaking crazy ducks fighting all night outside the window.
The only downside about being here is that I have missed the televise event of the year SHARKNADO! Is it sad that I want to come back and watch it then leave again? WELL IS IT?
Here are some waterfall pics and a video...and a video I shot of John and Crumb listening to 78's in Robert's studio. Weather is awesome and I am pretty tan now which I love...though i hope I did not overdo it at the topless beach today. My boobs have not seen the sun since last year but i could not resist being able to tan topless with no pervs taking pics on their cells. There was a "No binoculars" sign though! I think my troll Abernathy lost his innocence today.


  1. Wow, such purty pics, and thanks for sharing the vid - roomfulla old records = BLISS!!!

  2. "Burnin' the Iceberg" by Jelly Rolll Morton and his red hot peppers.