Monday, July 15, 2013

Bastille Day party at the Crumbs in France

Here are some pics and then a mess of videos from Bastille Day here in the south of freedom fries France. Crumbs had a dinner party and we watched some crazy fireworks from their balcony after. I think the bridge they set them off from caught on fire and some grass under it. THEY DO WHAT THEY WANT HERE!
There was a truly terrible cover band in the village square and I went to dance around for ABBA for a minute. Was hysterical...but at least it was real live music being played with a smoke machine and strobe lights and all. So weird to see in this little medieval village. Ken Weaver from the Fugs was at the party with his wife Maxine and Julie and Roger who live here and work in the Crumb gallery and do amazing art. Sophie and the kids showed up and were dancing around like maniacs to John and Robert playing. Kids are cute-especially when they are not mine! 
Anyfrommage, here are videos of various stuff of interest:

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