Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Leaving on Friday Suckas!

Well, as much as I have been having a blast running around every night til 5am seeing friends and making new ones I am happy to be getting out of this crappy, rainy weather. STOP RAINING ON ME BABY JESUS!
Gotta clear off my desktop and I really hope I have wi-fi in France. First we have the new store next to Gimme records which is now Social Tees. I guess it's the krishnas but they keep trying to lure me in with organic juice of which I have had many samples of.
Then Dave with one of his many shirts...a license plate on my block...some late christmas decorations being tossed out..and some graffiti in a bar. Missing Foundation lives on!
I hate the Fourth of July so tomorrow I will get some sun if it's out and finish getting my stuff together to leave. I come back last day of July..or maybe the 30th I think and have a week before I leave to go play my best friends wedding in Vermont. Glad I will have some NYC time this year as I do enjoy the heat and the smells of urine and festering garbage all over town!

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  1. ah wow, that tee shirt is hilariously tragic, ha! Have a blast, and congrats on yer nuptials, the pics were sweet...