Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quick post with Paris pics and videos!

oops! I uploaded two doubles by mistake..I have to switch the computer back to English because it's all in French now. LE BLOG!
Here are some pics from the Paris catacombs, the Ponts De Arts bridge of locks, and my troll Abernathy at Jim Morrison's grave in Pere-Lachaise cemetery. Just three days in Paris but I saw a lot. The house pic is the apartment I am staying at in Sauve where we just got to last night.
Here are three videos from my adventures so far...looks romantic on the lock bridge but it was touristy...just something to do when you get married an are in Paris. I liked all the locks though. Then I had sex with ten Frenchmen! Wee Wee!

I will be on more now that I have a laptop set up and wi-fi...lots of waterfalls to swim in and music to be made. Awesome trip so far and I just left five days ago!
My troll is seeing the world...sniff...Did I mention I have to feed a 50lb cat here?

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