Friday, August 30, 2013


I am so so so backed up on my blogging duties! What can I say...I got back to NYC and it is still super hot out and summer is just too much fun to not be out all the time. Meaning, I have a ton of pics and videos of stuff going on but am never home to post 'em all!
Shows, parties. mics, music...and birthdays! Tons of August birthdays including Robert Crumb's so I will just post our silly little music video we did with him while in France for now! Aline and Sophie come to NYC next week and I am dying to see them! When I'm not in France I miss it so much though when I am in France I begin to miss NYC after a month or so...good thing I love to travel!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I can't think of a title so this is the title.

Here is my first NYC post and BOY AREN'T YOU ALL EXCITED?! I have been going non stop since I got back but also trying to not be too crazy until I got the okay from my physical therapist that my ankle is fully healed and I can run around all night and get wasted. She stamped my papers today with the words, "GO FORTH AND GET YE DRUNK YOUNG LASS."
Okay, that didn't happen but I am fully healed and I can work out again and walk as much as I want and I am so very happy! I did a good job icing it and staying off it even at a crazy wedding and a week long beach trip. Proud of myself!
AnyAnkle, you can see that Dan Smith has somehow not aged at all in decades and he branching out to teach us not only rock but blues well! How did we get so lucky? Wotta guy!
Then the chairs at the hardware store are all named and fancy. I can't tell what makes them different from each other except I guess one folds up. You know, for those who are just so crazy and spontaneous they will just up and sit any old place!
Then a couple from Rhode Island..a beach Snuggie! Some spooky alien candy, my friend Toby who passed by and hung on the beach with us which was so awesome! And some poop. That poop was really good! Also, a paper there...they still love Cthulu and Lovecraft in Rhode Island!
And lastly, why does my gym only have shirts on XXL? Oh, the irony...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Short post-just got back to NYC!

So I had all kinds of fun and a freaking awesome summer! I did hurt my tendon and have to go for physical therapy this week and see if I can get back to jogging/running soon etc but other than that this was the best summer ever. Now I am back and that rite-aid on my block is called a "Wellness Center" and it's warm as hell and I am READY TO BE DRUNK FOR FIVE WEEKS STRAIGHT.
I barely drank all summer especially since I hurt my ankle and I gained some weight which I begin to take off starting today...but this summer weather is awesome. Exactly what I was hoping for when I got back-summer in the city!
Will have some posts up soon after this week where I will hit every show/mic and bar in my hood playing catch up on stuff going on. After a few days it will be like I never left but right now I am extremely excited to be here where there is sushi and booze and folks I have missed!
AnyFish, time to hit the bike at the gym and then eat some sushi on Ave A and then maybe eat more sushi and did I mention I am going to eat sushi later? SUSHI SUSHI SUSHI!
Also, my rats nest of hair gets fixed tomorrow when I dye it pink again and I get to catch the film in Tompkins thursday. No rain predicted!
I am a happy camper. Also, SUSHI!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crime Block Party Hell Yeah Up in the Hizzouse!

Holy crap! I got wasted last night for the first time since I got back after not drinking for over a month and I DID NOT FEEL 100% TODAY. I went to an open mic and had some wine. Then wen to Josie's Bar where I found about 8 friends and got more wine...then went to my usual 1st Ave faves International and Coal Yard until 6am and I woke up at noon with my freaking cast/boot still on, half my clothes off and NOT FEELING VERY WELL THANKS FOR ASKING!
It was worth it. Even with my bum ankle(which is going Boot Free by the weekend!) I had a good week. Saw friends, ate lots of sushi, filmed a lot of crazy stuff and now i am packed and ready to leave for my best friends wedding tomorrow which I will also be playing at. I come back on the 19th so will still have weeks of summer left to GET BLACKED OUT WASTED AND WAKE UP NOT REMEMBERING ANYTHING.
So here is my video and photo post from the insanely weird party on east 5th st yesterday that I was at for far too many hours. I know I needed to rest my ankle but I just got super fast with the boot on and the cane so it healed up pretty well. I was really lucky it was not worse and that I had about 8 days to get it looked at and be at home icing it off and on. It did not ruin or effect much for me so this summer continues to be pretty amazing!
The pic of me holding up Peops by Fly and the one of the dog are from the show at Tompkins..but i will post those videos another time..or just leave them on youtube. Kinda late to post them now and i leave at noon tomorrow. I would rather post Cop on Stilts.
AnyCops, here is the madness! Sorry there will maybe be doubles as I am still freaking hungover. Help...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

We did some small edits to our new music video with R Crumb...

Here is the new link to our brand new music video starring John Heneghan, Robert Crumb and I which was shot in France!
Feel free to share the hell out of this thing!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hobbling around NYC with my boot and cane!

So my twisted ankle from taking a crazy zumba class while in France had to be X-Rayed and i am now wearing a boot thing on my right foot and have a cool cane I decorated with band stickers. Actually, I don't need the cane but it makes it easier to walk with the boot thing on. I am fine but need to immobilize the foot until i get another check up on Monday. I have damaged the achilles tendon a teeny bit and that is a spot that has to be taken seriously! I jogged on the twisted ankle twice so that is what did it...Can I help if if I am a WORK OUT MACHINE?
Anyway, since it's temporary I have to admit I am having fun with this..I walk really slowly in front of Apple Tour buses so they miss light after light and just point at my boot and yell, "OH THE PAIN OF IT ALL!" and they can't honk at me. If I see Jesus freaks I throw down the cane and yell, 'It's a miracle! I AM HEALED!" Plus, I am getting back into shape and so I can wear my crazy outfits along with the cane and boot so it's this spectacle just hobbling down the street now. Did I mention I can smack people with the cane and how fun that is?
I need to get well soon before I get too attached to all this...People helping me down the street and giving up seats for me..sniff..
Anygimp, I am still out and about(aboot)? and here are some pics! I leave NYC again on the 8th for a wedding and beach trip.

First there is me and my BOOT at the clinic uptown..I have to say it is nice having health insurance! Getting married is worth it already with all this going on...Then a new bench is outside of Csquat/Morus museum now! How long will it last? The last one had to be chained down as it was just too much fun.
Then oops! a double pic...I am too lazy/busy to fix it..squirting toilets and BLING being sold on east 6th and Ave A! I have taken to hanging out by their table and people watching as the vendor squirts people walking past. 
Then a car/art installment on east 6th and 1st ave but i have no idea what the guy does to entertain from that contraption. And last but NOT LEAST it's come and celebrate crime! two days before I leave i get to see the cop on stilts on my block in the Night out Against Crime annual weird as hell party happening. 
In between all this I will be in the park for shows and at Morus for films and the community gardens where they are showing films all week. If the boot is gone after Monday I still have a night or two to get my blacked out on wine in...I just cannot drink with this boot on. Well, I CAN but I am trying hard not to. I run by my regular bars with m head down to not be tempted!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back in NYC til the 7th and our first music video with R Crumb!

I am back in NYC for a week! Had a GREAT trip and now busy as hell trying to see everyone before I leave again..will post more stuff from France and from here with all the shows in the park going on and stuff I plan to do..but first, here is a silly music video we shot with Crumb while in France!
This week I plan to see as many people as possible and also get so drunk I try to climb into that new fairytale rite-aid mural on my block!