Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crime Block Party Hell Yeah Up in the Hizzouse!

Holy crap! I got wasted last night for the first time since I got back after not drinking for over a month and I DID NOT FEEL 100% TODAY. I went to an open mic and had some wine. Then wen to Josie's Bar where I found about 8 friends and got more wine...then went to my usual 1st Ave faves International and Coal Yard until 6am and I woke up at noon with my freaking cast/boot still on, half my clothes off and NOT FEELING VERY WELL THANKS FOR ASKING!
It was worth it. Even with my bum ankle(which is going Boot Free by the weekend!) I had a good week. Saw friends, ate lots of sushi, filmed a lot of crazy stuff and now i am packed and ready to leave for my best friends wedding tomorrow which I will also be playing at. I come back on the 19th so will still have weeks of summer left to GET BLACKED OUT WASTED AND WAKE UP NOT REMEMBERING ANYTHING.
So here is my video and photo post from the insanely weird party on east 5th st yesterday that I was at for far too many hours. I know I needed to rest my ankle but I just got super fast with the boot on and the cane so it healed up pretty well. I was really lucky it was not worse and that I had about 8 days to get it looked at and be at home icing it off and on. It did not ruin or effect much for me so this summer continues to be pretty amazing!
The pic of me holding up Peops by Fly and the one of the dog are from the show at Tompkins..but i will post those videos another time..or just leave them on youtube. Kinda late to post them now and i leave at noon tomorrow. I would rather post Cop on Stilts.
AnyCops, here is the madness! Sorry there will maybe be doubles as I am still freaking hungover. Help...

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