Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hobbling around NYC with my boot and cane!

So my twisted ankle from taking a crazy zumba class while in France had to be X-Rayed and i am now wearing a boot thing on my right foot and have a cool cane I decorated with band stickers. Actually, I don't need the cane but it makes it easier to walk with the boot thing on. I am fine but need to immobilize the foot until i get another check up on Monday. I have damaged the achilles tendon a teeny bit and that is a spot that has to be taken seriously! I jogged on the twisted ankle twice so that is what did it...Can I help if if I am a WORK OUT MACHINE?
Anyway, since it's temporary I have to admit I am having fun with this..I walk really slowly in front of Apple Tour buses so they miss light after light and just point at my boot and yell, "OH THE PAIN OF IT ALL!" and they can't honk at me. If I see Jesus freaks I throw down the cane and yell, 'It's a miracle! I AM HEALED!" Plus, I am getting back into shape and so I can wear my crazy outfits along with the cane and boot so it's this spectacle just hobbling down the street now. Did I mention I can smack people with the cane and how fun that is?
I need to get well soon before I get too attached to all this...People helping me down the street and giving up seats for me..sniff..
Anygimp, I am still out and about(aboot)? and here are some pics! I leave NYC again on the 8th for a wedding and beach trip.

First there is me and my BOOT at the clinic uptown..I have to say it is nice having health insurance! Getting married is worth it already with all this going on...Then a new bench is outside of Csquat/Morus museum now! How long will it last? The last one had to be chained down as it was just too much fun.
Then oops! a double pic...I am too lazy/busy to fix it..squirting toilets and BLING being sold on east 6th and Ave A! I have taken to hanging out by their table and people watching as the vendor squirts people walking past. 
Then a car/art installment on east 6th and 1st ave but i have no idea what the guy does to entertain from that contraption. And last but NOT LEAST it's come and celebrate crime! two days before I leave i get to see the cop on stilts on my block in the Night out Against Crime annual weird as hell party happening. 
In between all this I will be in the park for shows and at Morus for films and the community gardens where they are showing films all week. If the boot is gone after Monday I still have a night or two to get my blacked out on wine in...I just cannot drink with this boot on. Well, I CAN but I am trying hard not to. I run by my regular bars with m head down to not be tempted!

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