Thursday, August 22, 2013

I can't think of a title so this is the title.

Here is my first NYC post and BOY AREN'T YOU ALL EXCITED?! I have been going non stop since I got back but also trying to not be too crazy until I got the okay from my physical therapist that my ankle is fully healed and I can run around all night and get wasted. She stamped my papers today with the words, "GO FORTH AND GET YE DRUNK YOUNG LASS."
Okay, that didn't happen but I am fully healed and I can work out again and walk as much as I want and I am so very happy! I did a good job icing it and staying off it even at a crazy wedding and a week long beach trip. Proud of myself!
AnyAnkle, you can see that Dan Smith has somehow not aged at all in decades and he branching out to teach us not only rock but blues well! How did we get so lucky? Wotta guy!
Then the chairs at the hardware store are all named and fancy. I can't tell what makes them different from each other except I guess one folds up. You know, for those who are just so crazy and spontaneous they will just up and sit any old place!
Then a couple from Rhode Island..a beach Snuggie! Some spooky alien candy, my friend Toby who passed by and hung on the beach with us which was so awesome! And some poop. That poop was really good! Also, a paper there...they still love Cthulu and Lovecraft in Rhode Island!
And lastly, why does my gym only have shirts on XXL? Oh, the irony...

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  1. Dan Smith will NOT be teaching me rock and blues!! ...I have a chair where I can feel my spontaneity folding when I sit in it; it looks different than the pictured spontaneity folding chair here, though. Do they sell a spontaneity increasing chair? ...SO, is the chair underneath that for alcoholic arms? ...Down here, we have flying edible saucers, which are very different than edible flying saucers. Har! I got more, but I don't wanna be over-exposed!