Monday, August 19, 2013

Short post-just got back to NYC!

So I had all kinds of fun and a freaking awesome summer! I did hurt my tendon and have to go for physical therapy this week and see if I can get back to jogging/running soon etc but other than that this was the best summer ever. Now I am back and that rite-aid on my block is called a "Wellness Center" and it's warm as hell and I am READY TO BE DRUNK FOR FIVE WEEKS STRAIGHT.
I barely drank all summer especially since I hurt my ankle and I gained some weight which I begin to take off starting today...but this summer weather is awesome. Exactly what I was hoping for when I got back-summer in the city!
Will have some posts up soon after this week where I will hit every show/mic and bar in my hood playing catch up on stuff going on. After a few days it will be like I never left but right now I am extremely excited to be here where there is sushi and booze and folks I have missed!
AnyFish, time to hit the bike at the gym and then eat some sushi on Ave A and then maybe eat more sushi and did I mention I am going to eat sushi later? SUSHI SUSHI SUSHI!
Also, my rats nest of hair gets fixed tomorrow when I dye it pink again and I get to catch the film in Tompkins thursday. No rain predicted!
I am a happy camper. Also, SUSHI!

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