Thursday, September 26, 2013

A frolic around town.

I woke up with the flu today which is no surprise since John has had it for a week. Boo! But I have nothing to do really but write and rest in the sun. Tomorrow we get our photo taken as part of the Lower East Side Girls club neighborhood artists series. Should be fun. I got "peoped" by Fly a few days ago plus our new Cd's came so I over did it on the celebrating and got sick sick sick! Still super happy though!
Here are some random pics I took in the past week. Some East River String band fans at the Bean... a Batman sticker at Coal Yard bar. Those things are everywhere and I DO know who makes them!
Someone threw out a trampoline. WHY WHY WHY? Theatre 80 has the Saved By the Bell musical!
We have Eak the Geek and Angel in Tompkins on a sunny day of which there are plenty of lately...The Joe Strummer mural halfway done-I blogged about the unveiling already.
And two pics from the Washington Square Park Folk fest..Grammy winner Steve Earle and Pat Conte playing.
Still warm and still a lot happening everywhere!
I will be posting how to buy our new album in a week or so when the Cd's and vinyl are up online with images and track listings. Oct 29th is the release date! SO EXCITED!

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