Friday, September 20, 2013

Joe Strummer Mural at Niagara is unveiled.

Just came from the dramatic unveiling of the new(and improved?) Joe Strummer mural at Niagara Bar. Mick Jones was there and Jim Jarmusch was spotted, along with Dick Manitoba, Trigger and just about every neighborhood person that has ever been into punk rock. It was a reunion of sorts. I saw people there I haven't seen in ages Like Vinnie from A.P.P.L.E. Crazy!
I took some pics and a few videos. No real speeches were made, and no songs were sung which let down a few folks but it was pretty packed and still going strong when I left at 1am.


  1. Woulda been nice if Mick hung out a bit more. I heard Paul was supposed to show up. Oh well.

    Nothing stands the pressure of the clash city rockers!!

  2. Thanks for 2 pics of me, I must be famous!
    I shot the entire mural painting in time-lapse, in case you've got 12 minutes to kill.