Thursday, October 17, 2013

HONK NYC Marching Bands!

Today several marching bands left from the Lower East Side Girl's Club and paraded around the LES making stops at Tompkins Square Park and then at Morus Museum at Csquat. Since those are two places I am at almost every day I caught them there and here are a few videos! Been loving this weather this week and our new album is getting crazy amounts of pre-orders online. I have had my many minions stickering up the hood with our old stickers from our first album as we are getting shipped about 500 of the new album stickers next week. Everywhere you walk you will soon find my giant ass staring at you! ARE YOU READY FOR THAT CAUSE I AM!
Videos are very dark as it was dark out but you can see some dancing and fun in the camera flashes.

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