Friday, October 4, 2013

My new custom built small bodied Fraulini Guitar!

As a sort of surprise gift John had asked our friend Todd Cambio to build me a small bodied guitar cause my old Stella was bad ass but the action was just too high for me to play especially since I am a beginner pretty much. Todd builds copies of old guitars that look and sound better than the real thing! Crumb did his logo for him and most of our friends own a Fraulini of some sort...including members of the Carolina Chocolate Drops and even Crumb has an old mandolin Todd fixed up for him.
I got involved and told Todd to make my guitar as crazy as he wanted to..the crazier the better. And it is amazing! Inlay has a skull, heart, bottle of booze and the words "slum goddess" on the's got pink leopard, it's my size, it's just amazing! I get my hands on it next week and the real work begins for me!
Todd's site is


  1. Wow, I saw this on your fb page and was immediately smitten, you lucky girl! I thought it looked tiny, I have an old parlor Kay I like to play as it's perfect size for petite hands ~ have fun with her, love all the little details, so perfect for you, and oboy the excitement of a new instrument!!!

  2. Love this and you are getting good!