Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Cd's and Vinyl of Take a Look at That Baby are out this week and already on Ebay! (BUY BUY BUY)!!

I have been busy but a happy kinda busy because the four projects I have been working on with John are all going well and coming out soon! First is our new album Take a Look at that Baby! It officially will be everywhere on the 29th and is up on ebay right now where John and I are selling it and will open and sign it for ya and include a note and stickers too!
Here is the link for the vinyl on ebay. This will sell out first! Cd's are up too under suprovalco.
Then on October 29th Amazon will have it all for sale. MP3's, CDs and LPs.
Here is the Amazon link.

And here is the video we made in honor of the new stuff! Shot in the south of France with Robert Crumb. Hilarity ensued!
We have another Crumb affiliated album and CD coming out called Chimpin' the Blues at the end of November on our East River Records label plus working on a book proposal for Abrams Publishing House...more info about all that coming soon. This is a great fall and winter for me and I don't even mind the cold which is a first!

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